Heritage Open Day

On Thursday 13th September we will be opening our studios to the public as part of Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days, which is celebrating its 25th year. Heritage Open Days celebrates England’s architecture and culture by allowing visitors free access to interesting properties that are not usually publicly accessible or would normally charge a fee. It also includes tours, events and activities that focus on and celebrate the local heritage of the area. Heritage Open Days is England’s biggest and most popular voluntary cultural event and is also held in a further 48 countries across Europe. It's your once-a-year chance to discover some of Lincolnshire's rarely seen historic treasures, with exciting experiences that bring local history and culture to life, for free! You can view the festival brochure here Unique Cottage Studios is situated in a collection of converted farm buildings which have undoubtedly seen many changes over the last century. We have done our best to ensure that the integrity of our premises stays for all to enjoy. Unique's resident artists Carolyn Goodwin, Strawberry Glass and Fenland Textiles will be welcoming visitors to their studios alongside Thurlby Threads who will be demonstrating in our teaching barn. We'll be open from 10am to 4pm and our café will also have a few traditional Lincolnshire delicacies for you to try.


Strawberry Glass:

Gillian and David Wing will be welcoming visitors to the Strawberry Glass studio to find out about the techniques involved and to try their hands at a spot of copper foiling as part of a 'piece for the day'.

Fenland Textiles:

Angela Daymond will be opening the Fenland Textiles Studio from 12pm on the Heritage Open Day and will be demonstrating how she uses natural dyeing in her work for colour.

Carolyn Goodwin:

Carolyn Goodwin will be demonstrating watercolours using natural dyes from plants such as woad, walnut and hollyhocks. Carolyn will also be happy to talk about the studio buildings with memories of their history

Thurlby Threads:

Last summer Jane and Enid from Thurlby Threads started growing their own flax. At the Heritage Open Day they will be demonstrating how this is processed from plant to fibre.

The photo at the top of this page is of Lowdens Farm House: it was supplied by Mr Ivan Bateman and features his grandparents. The farmhouse was rebuilt in 2013 and is where our cafe is situated.

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