Meet Our Visiting Artist Lynne Booker

Hi, I am Lynne Booker and I run a monthly Life Drawing class at Unique Cottage studio.

I have drawn people for as long as I can remember - one of those kids that always had a pencil in their hand! At first it was ballet dancers, then portraits of friends, then years of life classes. I also love to draw ‘people on the move’. Last year at the Unique Cottage Studio Open Day – I drew a blacksmith at work - and exchanged the picture for a cast iron kitchen hook he had just made!

I don’t have formal art training - only what I have learned in almost 60 years of drawing and looking. My paid work is as a counsellor in GP practices in Peterborough and strange as it might sound I see a big overlap between the two worlds.

As well as listening, counselling is based on close observation, trying to feel in my own body the emotions of the client, sometimes experiencing myself their pains and tension or their release and relaxation. In life drawing something of the same process happens. As well as having a technical understanding of anatomy and of whichever medium I’m using, I also try to feel my way into the pose, to capture the essence in a few simple movements or strokes of the brush or pencil.

In our sessions at Unique Cottage Studios 10 or 11 artists settle ourselves with respectful concentration, drawing the nude body in a variety of poses, over a morning. Our models come in all shapes and sizes and are relaxed but strong enough to hold a pose without moving (much harder than you might imagine!). They accept our efforts and we appreciate the work that they do for us and the real privilege of allowing us to look at them for two and a half hours. We are sociable during a half hour coffee break and everyone is supportive of each other. At the end of a satisfying struggle we are tired but happy!

If you want to have a go at life drawing, please get in touch with me at The next session at Unique is on 25th November, 10am - 12.30pm.

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