Woolly Spires

On 9th August five members of Unique Cottage Knitting Group attended a reception at Lincoln Cathedral for those involved in the 'Woolly Spires' project. This was the culmination of a countywide project started nearly nine years ago, managed by artsNK. A group from each of the six rural districts of Lincolnshire was invited to make a representation of their local Medieval church using the wool of Lincoln Longwool sheep, the trade from which had originally funded the wealth of the counties churches.

In 2012 thirteen members of Unique Knitting Group began creating St Mary and St Nicholas (The Parish) Church, Spalding. A wooden model was provided and measured to make paper patterns of each section. Members then chose sections that were most appropriate to their skills. Many visits were made to the church to ensure every detail was included - each gargoyle and drainpipe. The knitted, crotchet and felted pieces were then stitched together on the model. It was completed 3 months later and was gradually joined by the other churches.

The 6 Churches have been on display at Lincoln Cathedral throughout August and earlier in the month those involved were invited to go and view the completed project and see all the churches together for the first time. The Spalding church will eventually return home to the Parish after touring the county.

You can find out more about Woolly Spires on their Facebook page.

Unique Cottage Knitting Group now meets on the first Thursday of each month in the Cafe from 10.00 - 1.00. This is an informal gathering where those attending knit, crochet, drink coffee, eat cake and natter. All are welcome.

Photo credit: Marion Sander

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