Meet our visiting artists Thurlby Threads

This month our featured artists are Enid and Jane, a mother and daughter who work together as ThurlbyThreads. Jane has lived in Lincolnshire for 33 years but used to have to go ‘home’ to Merseyside for crafting sessions with Enid. When Enid moved down to Thurlby 12 years ago the pair were able to work together more often and ThurlbyThreads was born. Enid and Jane stitch, dye, felt, spin and weave (along with a few other craft interests) and love sharing their knowledge and skills with others.

Can you tell us a bit about your background as textiles artists?

E: I can remember learning to knit when I was 4 or 5 years old and since then I have always knitted, stitched, including lots of dressmaking, embroidery kits etc. In the early 80's I discovered spinning weaving and dyeing. In particular I really enjoyed making my own fabric for jackets, skirts and wraps .In 1996 I started studying City and Guilds Embroidery, then Papercraft and finally Textile Decoration.

J: I grew up with sewing and knitting as part of everyday life, and as Enid tried out different crafts so did I. Although I don’t have any formal qualifications in any of my craft interests, I have always enjoyed trying new techniques and experimenting. I enjoy the satisfaction of designing items and even completing projects!

Can you tell us a bit about what you are working on at the moment?

E: I am currently working on my spinning and on felting projects which will be incorporated into our workshops. Heritage Day is coming up in September and I have been working on weaving patterns for that.

J: Having got back into spinning and weaving last year, I am currently spinning yarn to make my own cushions which will be very individual. I am experimenting with art yarns, and intend to incorporate those into the weaving

Where do you search for creative inspiration?

We enjoy visiting exhibitions, attending workshops and belonging to groups such as those at Unique where we can exchange ideas with other crafts people. We are also active members of the Rutland & Stamford branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild. Both of us find a lot of our work is based on the natural world and what we see around us in rural Lincolnshire.

What is your connection to Unique Cottage Studios?

We have been members of the Textile group at UCS almost since it started, and have attended all the Sheep Day/Open studio events when we have shown people how to felt and some of the things that can be made with fleece. Last year we processed a fleece from one of Carolyn’s sheep here at the farm, and turned it into a waistcoat by spinning, felting and knitting. This led to us setting up a monthly Fibre group for anyone with an interest in felting, spinning and weaving.

Tell us a bit about your new workshops at Unique

We are running a series of workshops in the Autumn, showcasing the versatility of wet felting. There will be artistic pictures, flower brooches and 3-d bags or bowls. No felting experience is needed. There will also be a session in the school holidays for children and their carers to come

and have a go at felting. Each session runs from 10am - 12pm and costs £15 which includes all materials. The dates are:

August 10th, family session

September 14th, felt picture eg landscape/seascape

October 12th, poppy brooch and other flowers

November 9th, using resists – bowl or bag

How can people get in touch with you or find out more about your work?

We are on Facebook ThurlbyThreads or can be reached by email on

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