Upcycled clothing with Lorraine Appleton

12th June 2021      10 am - 4pm

 £60 adults      £45 Teenages

In recent years fast fashion has become an environmental disaster.  This workshop is both educational and fun. We will start the day with a short talk about the impact of fast fashion. We will also look at what we can do to extend the life of our clothes by repairing, altering and looking after them better. I will show you lots of examples of upcycled clothing ranging from very simple to more complicated.  I will have handouts of how to do some of them that you can try at home in your own time.  If you have anything you have upcycled please bring it along or better still wear it.

The last half hour before lunch we will have a clothes surgery where you can bring in any problematic garments and we will have a group discussion as to how you could upcycle it.

After lunch we will have an upcycled shirt challenge "sewing bee style". I will provide the shirts, but if you have any that are going to the charity shop please bring those along.  This workshop could save money and help the planet.


what to bring:

sewing machine

generic coloured threads

fabric scissors